September review of Alfa-Forex investment accounts

Sep 14, 2016

"INSIGHT: regular USD" and "INSIGHT: moderate RUR

Waiting for insight? Do not wait any longer—INSIGHT investment accounts (yes, this is their name) are now available. What does the insight involve? The team managing the account assures us that only computer algorithms can effectively trade in modern markets—the more of them, the more frequently inaccurate transactions by some of them are compensated by profits from the others.

The trading continues 24/5 and the multitude of algorithms being used are constantly monitored by the team. The secret of success of these account is that many transactions are completed, while each transaction involves a very small amount of funds, thereby minimizing the risks of closing at a loss for any one of them.

In August, over 45 transactions were competed daily. As far as financial results are concerned, profitability of 6.39 % was recorded on the dollar INSIGHT: regular USD account, and 5.99 % at the ruble INSIGHT: moderate RUR account. With that, the maximum drawdown amounted to 2.77 % and 2.13 %, respectively, which is much less than the declared risk.

The stable and profitable trading on these account has been greatly appreciated by investors—in August, the dollar account has accumulated over 220,000 US dollars and the ruble account—about 9 million rubles. Currently, 500,000 US dollars and 17 million rubles, respectively, are being managed by INSIGHT accounts. These accounts are equally suitable for both short-term and long-term investing in US dollars and Russian rubles.

Investing in the INSIGHT regular USD and INSIGHT moderate RUR

Anikin Semyon

Do you wish to invest money in the account that is a brand in and of itself, and guarantees reliability and stability? Then, Anikin Semyon is practically a Mercedes Benz in the world of investment accounts. The priority of its trading activities is to realize a stable, though not the largest, income from investment activities.

This account has existed for a little more than a year; during this period, the Manager has not made a single gross mistake in his trading. Over time, the Manager has even started to lower the risks, the traded volume has decreased, resulting in lowering the deposit load percentages. On average, at present, it amounts to 3 %.

In the summer, not only Moscow was overheated—as weird as this sounds, during the summer vacation period the volume of investments in this account exceeded the 5 million ruble mark. As September approached, investors started withdrawing funds, reaping the fruits of their successful trading, though no other conditions seem to have factored in the outflow of funds so far.

The trading is carried out exclusively for the most volatile currency pair—EUR/USD; over 85 % of the transactions are profitable; and the transaction volume varies depending on the assumed risks. During the entire period, the profitability has reached the 130 % mark, or on average 3 % per month, if a 1 quarter period is taken. This investment account will be suitable for long-term investing.

Invest in the Anikin Semyon account

AvanTrader Fund

A claimant for the title of one of the most profitable and long-lived investment accounts. You dislike pompous statements? Let us take a look at the facts.

The total profitability of this account for the year and 2 months amounted to 1,130 %. Such performance cannot be achieved without increasing the deposit load. Possibly, in the very beginning of trading, the Manager ignored money-management rules, resulting in the high deposit-load percentage and drawdown of the account. However, within just one month, the indicators bounced back—at present, the deposit load is on average 26 %.

The Manager works exclusively with the Canadian dollar. The share of profitable transactions, as in the case of Anikin Semyon investment account, is high, and amounts to 88 %. Moreover, the Manager shares his strategy in the personal blog in minute detail, which is unusual and is not encountered frequently. The link to the blog is found in the description of the investment account below.

Currently, the account balance exceeds 30,000 US dollars, though the trading started with 100 US dollars. This account is suitable predominantly for short-term investing, since aggressive trading takes place.

Invest in the AvanTrader Fund account


An old friend—new performance indicators! Within a month, the balance of this account practically doubled. At present, it amounts to over 673,000 US dollars. As we can see, this account seemed attractive to many investors.

The account has existed for 5 months; during this period, the income indicator had reached 187 %. The trading is carried out during impulse movement—this strategy is not new, but rather simple, effective, and reliable.

On average, the deposit is loaded by 60 %, i. e., most of the funds are in the market. Despite the high load percentage, the drawdown indicator is managed by manually closing the loss-making transactions, while the profit is fixed mostly by the Take Profit order. The rules of entering and leaving the market are also maintained—this is one of the principal factors in successful trading.

This account will be suitable for short-term investing.

Invest in the BeRich account

fintechnology 14

There must be a mentor for each job—the Manager of this account carries out trading following P. G. Kasparov's system, and so far he has been very successful. In any case, this is not surprising—being trained by a person who understands the foreign exchange market takes you halfway to success in trading.

This account is gaining momentum—in the 2 previous months, it has accumulated a principal portion of investments amounting to 40,000 US dollars, and judging by funds diagram, it is not decelerating. Moderate trading is carried out following all the rules of money management. The profitability has passed the 70 % mark—the results are not impressive, but the risks of losing investment funds are rather small.

Trading on this account is carried out 24/5, and it is not tied to specific trading tools. The transactions are opened and closed manually; a trading advisor might be involved. A portion of the transactions are opened by delayed orders, though specific market entry patterns are unknown.

This account will undoubtedly be suitable for long-term investing.

Invest in the fintechnology 14 account


TarGet remains the universal favorite among investment accounts; it is in the TOP-10 of Alfa-Forex accounts based on deposit size. Unfortunately, it was practically closed for investing since the minimum entry amount is 500,000 US dollars. However, you can send a personal letter to the Manager, asking to replace the offer for investing—with what… who knows!

This investment account has existed for eighteen months, and its profitability amounts to 193 %, or 7 % per month on average. This is a good performance for an account with moderate trading activity.

Transactions are opened with different trading tools, including CFD contracts. The trading principle is simple and consists of moving from level to level. Transactions may remain in the market for several days; also, delayed orders are used so that the possibility of additional profits is not missed. The Asian session is excluded from the trading, due to weak movements; on the other hand, the European and American sessions are stressed.

As we have described earlier, the Manager has serious plans in trading, the capital amounts to 25,000 US dollars. Currently, this account is in first place position, based on the size of the Manager's capital.

As far as risks are concerned, drawdowns of 20 % have been noted previously; at that, the deposit was loaded on average by 10 %. Still, such high drawdown percentage could have been caused by trading in senior time frames, where correlation situations could appear.

This account may be suitable for long-term investing.

Invest in the TarGet account

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Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Read full risk disclosure.

Risk Warning: 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Read full full risk disclosure.

Risk Warning: 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Read full full risk disclosure.