October review of Alfa-Forex investment accounts

Oct 11, 2016

AvanTrader Fund

This investment account is not the most profitable one at Alfa-Forex platform, but in any case it demonstrates excellent performance—its profitability amounts to 1,149 % in 470 days of its existence. Still, in lieu of sky-high interest, the account can offer significant stability. 

To tell the truth, in the past month the growth rate decreased, despite a continuous growth in transaction volumes, due to additional investment funds. This is the market's fault entirely, but if it gives us more entry signals, the strong growth rate will be restored.

The trading statistics indicate that the Manager applies standard market entry points; there is no variety in transaction profitability. The trader shares the details of the strategy in his personal blog (the link to the blog is found in the description of the investment account).

As far as the indicators of deposit load and drawdown are concerned, they were down in September; this might mean that the tactics had been changed, and the trading had become more moderate. At present, the account balance exceeds 36,000 US dollars.

This account will be suitable for short-term and medium-term investing.

Invest in the AvanTrader Fund account


What are the main trading trends now? You are correct—EUR/USD and USD/RUR. The Manager follows the trend and works exclusively with these pairs. At the same time, he has started to gradually withdraw from oil—the profit is too small, and the volatility is too low.

During the month of operations, the Manager managed to attract record-breaking investments—over 235,000 US dollars. This account is characterized by aggressive trading, which is why it is surprising that 99 % of transactions are profitable.

The trading is carried out during the day; the Manager takes 10 points on average. The deposit is loaded to the hilt, so to speak—the latest result was 96 %, but the drawdown did not exceed 12 % for the entire trading session. Naturally, it is rather difficult to judge the future of this account by a single month of operations, but so far the results are impressive. Only manual closing is used for this account, and Stop Loss is correspondingly not applied, while Take Profit is utilized actively.

This account may be suitable for short-term and medium-term investing of funds, though we recommend being careful while investing, especially at the early stages.

Invest in the bon GURJEW account


Last month, we already wrote about fintechnology 14, and now we wish to offer an internal rating of fintechnology accounts for the entire period of operations. Managers of these accounts carry out successful trading based on the P. G. Kasparov's system. Following this professional system, they manage to produce excellent results.

These accounts are gaining momentum—the volume of investments is growing, the investors like stability, and their attraction is increasing. Moderate trading is carried out following all the rules of money management. The profitability of the rating leader has already passed the 80 % mark, while the risks of losing invested funds are rather low.

The trading on the accounts is carried out 24/5 and is tied to a portfolio of nine currency pairs. The transactions are opened by delayed orders, after which the work is performed automatically, including the closing, in strict conformance with the System.

All accounts listed in the rating are undoubtedly suitable for long-term investing.

Invest in the fintechnology 14 account

INSIGHT: regular USD and INSIGHT: moderate RUR

Over 2,500,000 US dollars—this is how investors are evaluating the stability and profitability of algorithmic trading of the INSIGHT team. For September, the volume of funds under their management more than tripled, and the success is truly astounding! 

For those who are reading our reviews for the first time, we would like note that several dozen (!) trading algorithms trade on this account. They are assembled in a diversified portfolio, working with more than 10 currency pairs, as well as gold. The algorithm portfolio undergoes monthly revisions, in order to only admit those to work that suit the current market condition to the hilt.

Constancy is a sign of mastery, and the team remains true to its approach. The round-the-clock trading 24/5, over 800 transactions per month, as well as the minimal size of each transaction have resulted in the profitability of 4.58 % for INSIGHT regular USD, and 3.66 % for INSIGHT moderate RUR.

The total profitability of the US dollar account, started on March 30, as of today is 48.13 %, and that of the ruble account, started on June 30, is 15.92 %. In late September, private INSIGHT private fund MAGNETAR accounts in USD and EUR were opened, with the total value of over 1,000,000 US dollars. This circumstance is irrefutable proof of the high level of investor confidence deservedly enjoyed by the INSIGHT team.

The accounts are equally suitable for both short-term and long-term investing in US dollars and Russian rubles.

Invest in the INSIGHT regular USD and INSIGHT moderate RUR accounts

Omega RUB

High reliability and earnings are the strengths of the Omega RUB account.

This investment account is relatively recent at the platform—it is only 5 months old. During this period, its profitability has reached 20 %. The trading is mostly carried out during the day for several currency pairs simultaneously, as well as for gold, which does not happen often among professional traders. The Manager in his trading strategy, uses  technical and fundamental analysis. He determines the trend based on fundamental analysis, and the entry and exit points—based on technical analysis. As far as the drawdown and deposit load indicators are concerned, they are typical of an account with moderate trading.

The Manager may reward his prospective investors with a high rate of return—80 % of profit from trading goes to the investor.

Invest in the Omega RUB


Please fasten your seat-belts and turn off all electronic devices—Safe_RUR account wishes you a pleasant flight. The reason why is that the profitability of this account has skyrocketed to 4,100 % within 7 months!

The trading had started from RUR 1,800; at present, the deposit has reached RUR 6,500,000. Such performance has become possible only due to the high profitability and correct positioning of the Manager, who definitely manages the available funds very skilfully.

As one might suspect, the trading process is aggressive: such profit percentages cannot be achieved through moderate trading. Transactions are mostly made during the European and American trading sessions, in a few cases during the Asian one, primarily due to the lack of trading signals.

The script of order closing, preventing the losses during trading, is used. By the way, at the same time, the Manager readily discusses his strategy on the statistics page.

The profit diagram does not have harsh ups and downs, which is very important, indicating the account's stability. The picture of the drawdown is different—the maximum drawdown has been recorded at 60 %. However, at the time this review was written, the indicators of the deposit drawdown and load were within reasonable limits.

This account will be suitable for short-term investing both in Russian rubles and US dollars.

Invest in the Safe_RUR account

Stability SuperTurbo USD

The Return of the King is not just the title of a movie but also the resumption of trading in the Stability SuperTurbo USD account. A month and a half ago, the Manager returned from his vacation and got right back to work. It is high time we summarize the interim results.

This account is in the TOP-3 based on reliability and stability of income at the Alfa-Forex platform. The Manager at present has 2,569,000 US dollars and more than 500 investors under his care, though the numbers are taken only from the USD account—the opportunity to invest in Russian rubles is also available. The Manager himself has earned a respectable reputation: in the 9 years of working on the financial market, he has generated extensive experience in trading, and knows how to correctly manage investors' funds.

The account carries out moderate day trading; frequently, the transactions last less than 10 minutes. When trading, the deposit is mostly loaded by 30 %, and the drawdown on the account amounts to 1 %.

This past June, the Manager made an error when following fluctuations of the exchange rate, after the UK decided to leave the European Union. A loss was recorded, after which the Manager decided to take a break to recover, which had never happened before.

Nevertheless, trading on the account resumed in August. Profitability increased, though marginally so—from 33.07 to 33.80. Stability remains a priority; therefore, the growth rate is minuscule, and also it still depends on market movements. Still, this account is characterized by stability, so many choose it for this reason.

This account will be suitable for long-term investing.

Invest in the Stability SuperTurbo USD account

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Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Read full risk disclosure.

Risk Warning: 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Read full full risk disclosure.

Risk Warning: 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Read full full risk disclosure.